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Hagerty Employee

Like Sean Connery once did, Jay Leno likes his British cars off-brand

We used to have Sean Connery on The Tonight Show and, I'll tell you, he was a man's man. He was a gunner in the Royal Navy, he was a runner-up in the 1953 Mr. Universe competition, and he would get into fights at the drop of a hat.

Thanks for this piece on these great “off-brand” British cars. You just have such great taste in cars! Ah, the Bristol…

Well into the 2010s, a neighbour had an SP250 that he drove in nearly all weather — on the Canadian Prairies! Even if the little Daimlers also lacked AC, I am pretty sure that one had heat…

Pit Crew

You’re right: the heat that comes out of that gearbox means a heater is unnecessary. And it has one of the most gorgeous V8 engine notes. And another great V8 sound comes from the much maligned Triumph Stag.
New Driver

The Sunbeam Tiger was also manufactured by Jensen.
Pit Crew

OK, Mr.'s my question(s)....

1. How do I install A/C in my '53 Bristol 403?*...I really am past the point of wanting to
enjoy “the pastoral smells” of my sweat.
2. Will it spoil the elegant 50s interior?
3. Can I afford to do it?
4. By chance, do you have any Grey-Popu?
*I do believe we have the only restored ones that are driven regularly here in the colonies.
Intermediate Driver

Love me the Daimler SP250. Terrific car.
Intermediate Driver

I always liked the SP250 styling, though it is a bit overwrought. I never saw the catfish thing, but then, I currently drive a 2020 Corolla hatch.

I agree this is a great car. Understated and stylish.