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Hagerty Employee

LiftMaster cleverly lifts a scene from "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off"

The cars are different—instead of a 1961 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder, the star of the show is a 1966 Jaguar E-Type Roadster. And instead of a power-hungry high-school principal or a self-centered father, the villain is a garage door opener. Still, there’s plenty to love about LiftMaster’s clever play on the hijinks of our favorite teenage slacker and his best friend.


Fans of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off need about a nanosecond to recognize where this television commercial is headed—before LiftMaster ruins all the fun.


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Intermediate Driver

That is really well done, even if it wasn't a Ferrari.


"Been there, done that." Heh.


I'm sure everyone knows that the supposed Ferrari in the original film was in fact a fake.

Advanced Driver

I LOL'd. Great work!


Too funny.  Was 18 and worked at the movie theatre when Ferris came out.  Great memories!!!


If that isn't a Super Bowl ad I don't know what is.  Brilliant!!!


Great idea and well-executed by LiftMaster. Commercials like these are actually worth watching. 

Intermediate Driver

Well played. Even has the right soundtrack.

Intermediate Driver

I'm glad to see the Rose's Car Studio, where the original movie scene was filmed, still exhists. I remember Irv telling us stories of how the scenes were shot, particularly the one where the car shoots out of the building. The car in the scene was just a fiberglass body on a rudimentary frame, and very light weight. After the car exited the building, it got stuck in a tree. The film crew was unable to get a shot of the car falling to the ground, so they just showed it wrecked and sitting caught in a chain link fence that spanned the rear of the property. 

Normally in that spot in the studio was a pre-war Alfa-Romeo Grand Prix car. For effect, they parked a bright red MG TC next to it. Other cars in the studio oncluded a Bugatti T-35B driven by Hellie Niece, a pre-war Alfa-Romeo Monza, and a Cisitalia. After the brother's deaths, the cars were sold and scattered to the four winds. The only one I have seen since is the Bugatti, owned by a well known west coast collector.