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Hagerty Employee

Leno: Troubleshooting modern supercars is tricky, but rewarding

Does anyone remember the Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest? It started in the 1960s and ran for a couple of decades. They used to line up dozens of new Plymouths with some problem that was really hard to diagnose, from a bad ballast resistor to tape hidden on the battery post, and high school kids from all over the country competed to figure out the problem. There were local, regional, and national levels, and thousands of kids were in it. I was thinking of that the other day, because cars back then were much harder to diagnose but much easier to fix compared to today’s cars, which have onboard diagnostics to tell you what’s wrong, but can be challenging to fix unless you’re persistent. I’ll give you two recent examples from cars here at the garage.


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Intermediate Driver

If the SLR McLaren had been designed by Mercedes prior to 1990, it probably would have had a brass tee fitting where the plastic one was.  LOL


Has there EVER been an honest BMW dealer--M.Burns

Intermediate Driver

Now if I could just get my Jeep key to reprogram even though I'm following all the instructions to a T. I love to hear that Jay leno with all his money would take the time to diagnose and repair something like that. It tells me that he's not just a guy with a lot of money playing with cars but is truly a "Car Guy"

Intermediate Driver



Story of my life as well...  When the term "car guy" is tossed around and used almost universally, most construe it to mean that someone is "interested" in a certain car or in automobiles themselves.


True car guys really get into them like Jay and no matter how much money he makes or has, he truly is a CAR GUY on steroids!

Advanced Driver

Just being able to own a modern supercar would be rewarding enough for me.




Jay likes to say that some of his cars prove that he "has more money than brains,"
but I frankly think he is loaded with both. He is a true car guy, a really good driver, and I am glad he shares so many of his ideas with us.

New Driver

Jay can afford to simply take his supercar to the dealer and have it fixed, but he doesn't.

Yep, that's a car guy.