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Leno: The best cars are the ones with great stories | Hagerty Media

The thing I like about my taste in cars is that I have no idea what it is. Really, if I had to define it, I would say I like to buy a good story more than I like to buy a particular vehicle. I'll tell you what I mean with a couple of recent purchases.

I am really glad I clicked on this article. Now I understand why Jay buys the cars he does - aside form the fact he has more money than he could ever spend, what a great way to not only capture and store a piece of physical history (the car), but the provenance is what makes it even better. Hey Jay! Do you have a 1970s macho wagon? I have one with a great story.....
New Driver

I know this is a running joke with the mileage...and Cashman knows his convertible tops. I remember "talking" to him on (sadly I dont have enough time to go as much as I used to, but I still should have writeups for repairs with photos etc...I was the early 70s guy)
So, I have a few early 70s Continentals, and one my 72, pre emissions, I get around 19-20mpg, and on my 73, I get 15, although I think that car has a mild cam, has aftermarket exhaust, (done by the previous owner), and it does drive noticeably quicker, hence the higher fuel consuption, but still, no matter how much I floor it, the worse I ever got was 13mpg (and in the hills of upstate NY).

The question is adjusting the carburetor. Too few people know how. I learned all that I could from Northvale Dan. I do have a youtube channel and I go into some of these topics.

And in case there is doubt, I used to be an aircraft mechanic and I keep maintenance records for each of my cars (modeled after the AFTO 781s), which include every refill, which is always a complete fill, with trip odotmoeter readers, full odometer reading etc. I calculate mileage over the years (decades already), and this arent fluke numbers.
New Driver

I have a 1936 Jensen Ford only 3 are in existence the one I have was ordered for Clark Gable he ordered it in silver but when it came in he wanted the Black one but Pierce Morgan would not sell him the black one one of the black cars sold in 1916 at RM Southebys ariz for $247,500

I can say every used car I have owned has had a good story.

My Chevelle SS was one where the original owner found me at a car show. He said he owned the car but I was skeptical. But he showed me things on the car I did not even know. He shared the cars history with him and gave me 5he original bill of sale as wel shift knob.

He had told me it was the first Chevelle that Jack Somer Chevy sold in 1968. It was in 5h3 show room when he bought it.

Well my great uncle ordered a new Chevy and Buick every year as a retired GM engineer. Somers was the dealer he ordered his Chevelle from in May of 67. He actually bought the first Chevelle. I went home and compared the paper work for both cars as my father had the Chevelle in 1968.

I found my dads car was sold a a couple days before the SS. I suspect both were delivered at the same time and my SS was in the showroom when the 68 my father ended up with was delivered.

Other interesting stories with my others.

Those with my Fiero are the best. This was my first new car. I crashed it rebuilt it, lapped Indy at 100 mph with it. 25 years to the day I bought it I win the top 5 award at the Ames Pontiac Nationals. There is more. Maybe sim3 day someone can share my history about the car when it’s theirs.

Oh just got this story. My buddy had a 58 Chevy in high school. He sold it when is son was 3.

His son went on a search for the car that went on for 8 years snd ended with my buddy buying the car back.

We were reunited again after many years yesterday at a show. It made my day seeing Paul and his 58 Chevy reunited. These are the times that really make being a car enthusiast worth the  bleeding knuckles.

New Driver

Jay, good stories, bad stories, an old cars history is integral to that value. One owner cars are so important in that equation. Documented and authentic beats it all. It was great that you got to meet the original owners for both of these cars. You are correct, your Imperial was exactly like that owned by Mr. Drysdale! One I always admired as a kid. Do you remember your 50's automotive prints from awhile back done by myself?
Intermediate Driver

My sad story: In '74 I was buying '36 Fords out of this abandoned junkyard up near Hurley WI, went into the woods, there sat a '37 Hudson Terra plane complete, electric shift and the works. I offered 100 bucks, the guy said no, my brother in law wants it. Over 100 trees need to be cut down to remove this car, time went on, then the crusher deadline, I went back there later, saw where the D8
Cat had rolled over it, the broken glass ... Another classic lost to the public, gone forever. At least we did save some Fords.