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Leno: Appreciation for hard work is fading, and old cars aren't easy | Hagerty Media

Once I had a gentleman on The Tonight Show who had climbed Mount Everest, which is an amazing feat that is nearly impossible for most people under the best of circumstances. But this guy was also blind.
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So right! And, its not just with craftsmanship, its everything. I see it in my business as the owner of a small independent insurance agency. I have never had so many people complain about a $30. annual rate increase and think we are doing nothing for them. Sorry that I digress but you are so right. People think that the paint on my Mustang looks so deep you can jump in and swim in it because I go to the auto. car wash.
Intermediate Driver

Brilliant observation. What I find scary today is how few people honestly understand how our incredible and unprecedented standard of living came to be, and what it takes to keep going. Life for most in America today is so incredibly easy and care-free. The day-to-day life my grandparents endured for the first halves of their lives would kill most Americans today. They haven't a clue as to how the complex infrastructure that makes our lives so easy works. We have an entire generation now that only knows that they can poke their finger at their smartphones and 24-48 hours later, almost any good imaginable will show up at their doorstep.

Another thing people have trouble grasping is basic economics in the sense that they expect to be making $50-an-hour or more, but then can't understand how someone in their own employ doing actual, physical things would charge anything similar.