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Legends of motorsports: Ralph DePalma

Ralph DePalma is synonymous with the Indianapolis 500 and the early days of automobile racing, a time when simply getting behind the wheel was an act of sheer bravery. DePalma is almost as famous for the races he didn’t win as for the ones that he did; the man experienced almost as many brushes with death as checkered flags ...


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Intermediate Driver

Kirk. Enjoyed seeing Depalma getting some recognition.  He’s was the best of his era. His 88.5 win percentage is amazing.  Unlike Oldfield who ran many prearranged outcome barnstorming races DePalma victories where real.    Two items in article need correction.   He was injured in Milwaukee but it was at the Vanderbilt cup on a road course.  Victory did not elude him at Indy.  He was the 1915 winner

Community Manager

Thank you for the corrections, we are making the changes now!