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Hagerty Employee

Legends of Motorsport: Tazio Nuvolari | Hagerty Media

The life and times of Tazio Nuvolari-nicknamed the Flying Mantuan to honor his speediness and his hometown of Mantua, Italy-are littered with shattered car parts, empty champagne bottles, and insightful anecdotes.

Whenever I hear someone say "rubbin' is racin'", I think of these giants, the risks they took, and the prices they paid. I doubt nerfing others out of the way was part of their strategy in these fragile machines.
Pit Crew

Hard to know where the myths end and reality begins, but it's worth remembering that Nuvolari was introduced to Americans by Ken Purdy, in his book Kings of the Road, that bible of we teenage car enthusiasts in the 1950s. And Purdy was quite a mythmaker.
New Driver

Nuvolari was an amazing driver, no doubt. But I have a very hard time respecting anyone who drove under the Nazi flag. He and others were not just drivers but used extensively in the Nazi propaganda machine as evidence of the superiority of Hitler and the Third Reich.