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Hagerty Employee

Learn to drive a stick without telling anyone

Hagerty encourages everyone to learn how to drive a manual transmission, but what if one of our events is out of reach for a wannabe stick-shift enthusiast? Or perhaps your friends/family aren't the best teachers, nor are they willing to sacrifice their own car as a teaching tool? You can avoid that hassle, as we found schools that specialize in teaching motorists how to drive a stick.


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There was a great thread on the old forums in which people told their methods for teaching someone to drive stick. Suggestions varied and seemed to cover different eras of tech (synchro, non, etc.).


I'm surprised users haven't recreated that here. Maybe a compilation article could come out of that (assuming someone at Hagerty has access to the old forums?)

Community Manager

Hmm, I like this!  I will look into what we have from the old forums!