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Hagerty Employee

Learn how a vintage Stromberg is assembled, without smelling like gas | Hagerty Media

There's a lot to love about cars. Many appreciate the sense of freedom they bestow, others can stare for hours at a perfectly shaped bit of sheet metal catching the light just right, and others revel in the symphony of finely crafted machinery whirring and ticking along to harness fuel and turn it into motion.
Pit Crew

Très belle vidéo je suis très content de trouver une vidéo très extraordinaire.
A plus tard!
Advanced Driver

As a drafter I was looking for new techniques. The thing that probably looks really simple to the untrained eye is those springs compressing, that looks simple but he needed to make a shorter spring for every single frame of motion and at 24 frames per second that is no small task!
Intermediate Driver

I think he "key-framed" it - the model will take beginning and end geometry and "phase" through a timeframe, to the end result.

It *is* a wonderful piece of animation however. Kudos to this gent.
Advanced Driver

I would never want to learn about a carb without smelling like gas. It's what separates us from the clueless latte sippers who "have people who take care of that", and call themselves enthusiasts.

Nicely done!! Even the music was pleasant and not annoying, too!