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Hagerty Employee

Leak confirms Ford’s new Bronco-Sport-based minitruck will be named Maverick

After leaving the U.S. market without any pickup options smaller than its F-150 for nearly a decade, Ford looks poised to offer four sizes of pickup for 2022. We’ve heard rumors of an Escape-based compact pickup for years, but this photo of a tailgate, posted on Motor1’s Twitter account, seems to confirm that the new ute will be called Maverick.


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If the front end looks like an Escape it will suffer the same ignored fate as the Honda Ridgeline  --a perfectly capable vehicle for what most people actually do with their full sized trucks.


If it has a Bronco-ish front end it has a chance. If it comes in more than 4 colours of grey, black and white it has a better chance. If it isn't crazy money (most current midsize trucks, and the Ridgelines cost out the same as the heavily discounted full-sized around here) it will sell.


I don't mind the Maverick name recycle here by the way even though they are totally different types of vehicle. Courier is not the right kind of name to bring back... whereas I could see a Dodge (Peugeot/Fiat/whatever) bringing a Rampage to market.


Having learned the story of where Chevy got the trailblazer name (Vic Hickey) it's more embarrassing than I thought what they have done with Blazer...

Hagerty Employee

I think you're right about the colors, there needs to be some bold options.


Maverick was a relatively good car in it's day, especially considering Ford's quality was still "Job 5" back then. The 4 door 302 was a surprising grocery-getter/tire smoker with not awful handling and room for 4 adults or 6-8 teenagers skipping school. I'd rather see a different name on a new pickup truck. Maybe the F-75?