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Hagerty Employee

Lamborghini's wild ownership history is almost as colorful as its cars | Hagerty Media

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Now two decades into relatively stable ownership under the auspices of Audi AG, the future of Italy's most famous bull stable is in question. Early in October 2020, Reuters described a plan drawn up by corporate parent Volkswagen to list at least a substantial portion of Lamborghini's sports car operations on the global stock market.

As for the video. Seen faster and have heard better notes.

Thank you.
Brings back memories of the Urraco S I bought from a San Francisco California Architect, put a clutch and something else I replaced, I think a water pump or something and drove it gloriously all over the place. The car was Cobalt Blue with a Tan interior. It got lots of attention when commuting, and in traffic everybody wanted to know what it was at traffic lights. The City was fairly affluent even then, but I never saw another Urraco nor any of its brothers. Fond memories. Thank you.
Pit Crew

Interesting history about a storied exotic brand. Filled in many details I was unaware of. Thanx for such compelling reading. You do a great service for the car hobby. Much appreciated.

I've had Customers, Owning all varations of the Lambo.
The LM002 was my favorite.