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Hagerty Employee

Lamborghini's best-selling sports car is a hit with younger collectors

It's hard to overstate just how important the Gallardo was to Lamborghini. The Italian sports car brand had a rough time in the '90s as it was shuffled through owners every few years before finally landing under the giant, German wing of the Volkswagen Automotive Group in 1998.

They are certainly interesting cars to have. I do wonder how many weird service issues these have due to Audi style build issues where serviceability seemed to be an afterthought. Either way I imagine upkeep is more than the average sports car.

By the way, ZERO issues in 5 years, but the car was garaged, covered and loved...

I really enjoyed my "tryst" with an '07 Spyder in Arancia Borealis over Nero (pearl orange/Black)
It was like a rerun of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, as I am the character who is worried about ANYTHING happening! It was an adventure to drive, I never operated the radio with the sickeningly FABULOUS exhaust roar (unique to Lambo) that was MUSIC to my ears!!!
I kept the car covered in my garage and took for occasional rides and one mini rally over the mountain here in Palm Springs, Cali
I only drove the car 1000 miles in 5 years!!!
I want to add that a BIG downside to these cars is the level of ENVY displayed by other drivers, who made crazy moves around me when driving sometimes.
The car cost the original owner over $100 A MILE to own, and cost me over $70 a mile!!
And I would NOT have changed a THING!! A VISCERAL wonder to be sure!!!!
By the way, I have a set of "take off" Callisto Wheels in Gunmetal available, jwhayton at something- hoo.

These are not the old Lambo cars. Today you have a very reliable car that has not real odd things about it. In the past each car they built was a little different as panels were hand made and many of the engine designs were not for long term durability like we enjoy today.  


They do have some odd things due to Audi and Mid Engine but these are cars more can buy and use with out not affording the upkeep. 


In the past you could buy some exotics but the upkeep was beyond affordability.