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Hagerty Employee

Kustom Kurriculum: How one Colorado shop is shaping the next generation of restorers

Jack Weaver had been building custom cars for more than 20 years when he founded Acme Chop Shop in Grand Junction, Colorado, a decade ago. His business grew quickly, and he wanted to expand. But finding experienced help with the right blend of skills proved tough.
Intermediate Driver

What an incredible opportunity for young people to learn what I consider dream occupation.
I've been a car nut since I was a little kid. I can never get enough of the car restoration and custom shop TV shows. I marvel at what these craftsmen and ladies can do. Hats off to Jack Weaver for finding such a niche and training the future people to keep this trade alive!!!
Pit Crew

What a great story! I’m multiples past the age band this program is geared to but, boy, would I love to do that.
Advanced Driver

Great idea, now let's do this all over the U.S.! Kids are being told that having an education is to have only one set of skills - relegating manual labor to the lowest of pursuits. Since when is earning a good living with your hands less respectable than earning a poverty-level income with an advanced degree?

I treat my body and paint guy with the same respect that I do for the MBA handing me my fries at the drive-thru.

the images shouldn't shown that much 'Bondo'

Bondo and body filler gets a bad think Ferrari scraps a car if it gets damaged on the assembly line?

No, they prep it, fill it, sand it , prime it and paint it. And sell it.
Pit Crew

Acme's here in my home town. They do good work. I didn't know about their workshop program, that's great.