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Hagerty Employee

Knight Rider movie green-lit, hero car TBD

Uh-oh, there’s another feature length movie based on a popular TV series from our past. We’ve been here before, with the Miami Vice movie’s depressing dialogue and insincere lack of style. The reincarnated Starsky and Hutch was a slapstick, clownish interpretation of the original’s wide range of emotions, but at least they kept the Ford Gran Torino hero car. So what’s in store for the Knight Rider movie, David Hasselhoff and the Pontiac Firebird also known as the Knight Industries Two Thousand?


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Intermediate Driver

Starsky & Hutch remake...crap.

Miami Vice remake...crap. 

Knight Rider remake...potential crap but if there's a cool car in most of it I'll sit there like a brain dead zombie and watch it, once. LOL! 

Any bets on whether we get an early or late cameo from the Hoff? 

Intermediate Driver

Just keep Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller away from it was well. 

New Driver

How many KR remakes have there been already?  I think it should take place in 1989 with the Firebird and the Hoff in West Germany.   You know what has to happen after that.

Pit Crew

They could get a modern 'bird from Trans Am in Florida.