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Kevin Hart strikes again, pays $825K for a 1959 Corvette custom | Hagerty Media

Kevin Hart was back at it during Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction last month, adding a custom 1959 Chevrolet Corvette C1 convertible to his growing car collection. Hart, a stand-up comedian and actor, purchased the Franny Green-painted restomod for $825,000.
Advanced Driver

I guess this means the cancel-culture cretins haven't been able to strip Hart of his ability to make a living.
Intermediate Driver

I think he is smart to stock up.

If I gave Mr. Hart a screwdriver, I wonder if he would know which end to use...
I'm not jealous of the fact that he can drop big money on what catches his eye, because sooner or later, his collection will be a liability in one way or another (just ask Reggie Jackson) should something untoward happen to them or, God forbid, him. But the positive side of this is that Mr. Hart is helping to keep people employed and is keeping interest alive in our hobby. Who knows, some young person that was unaware of the fact that Corvettes existed before 2020 and weren't mid-engined will see Kevin's latest purchase and rediscover the joy that we all experience when we twist the key and hear old iron making beautiful noise!

The car that he got wrecked in - that was worth the money (to me) - this one just seems like he over payed lol