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Hagerty Employee

Kevin Hart's new 1000-hp Charger raises hell in carbon fiber | Hagerty Media

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has a new 1000-hp, carbon-fiber 1970 Dodge Charger thanks to the muscle car specialists at SpeedKore. This car, dubbed Hellraiser, is one of the first builds we've seen to use Mopar's supercharged "Hellephant" crate engine, which takes the Hellcat and Demon Hemi V-8s to the next level by upping bore and stroke to reach that magical Hemi displacement of 426 cubic inches.

1 - Supposedly Hart wasn't driving when the other vehicle wrecked, but this one is faster and more expensive - hopefully he gets a better driver. Either way, he better damn sure get a HANS on this thing or his head will likely get snapped off
2 - Yes, I know, 1,000 hp - how wonderful, but seriously, where can you drive this thing? Maybe take it out to the salt flats??
3 - Not being salty, but I am pretty sure the last 100 or so classic restomods for this exact vehicle look better, just my opinion
4 - The roller coaster bar in the back seat is scary as hell lol
New Driver

I laugh at that one, well played with the HANS

A fool and his high horsepower car are soon crashed.
Advanced Driver

The car would have enjoyed a better fate had Jay Leno bought it. Hart and his idiot friends will, in all probability, and based on his previous toy, merely destroy it.
Intermediate Driver

I don't see why anyone would spend so much to tamper with what was a perfect design to begin with. The somewhat odd lines of this re-imagination should serve as a cautionary tale to those of us who think we could improve upon our classics.
New Driver

Absolutely gorgeous restomod! Worth every penny in craftsmanship and finish. Except for the ride height, way too low. For me, that ruins the 'road look' of this beyond beautifully designed Charger. Everything else is so wonderfully subtle and envious about this build and lower is OK, even desired. But this slamming looks lumpy, especially in profile.

Meh. Another one that sacrifices style over horsepower. They've got it so lowered and the center-point of view is do off-balance that the overall car now looks heavy and bulbous, and the tail end appears to be sagging toward the ground. The poor thing looks like it just wants to lie down and take a nap. And that interior is just all kinds of pimpster tacky.

Maybe he thinks the car will make him look taller.
Intermediate Driver

Wow critics, jealous, or what. Mabey somebody should park there stocker beside it and we will see. 1,000 hp does'nt feel like 500 hp doubled.
Pit Crew

Meh. Dimensions on this car just look all wrong to me in profile/side view, especially that droopy ass end. You'd be an idiot to ride in the backseat (I know, it is merely ornamental) unless you wanted to die from head trauma upon impact with the roll bar. And why loop the harnesses through a wee little rod welded to the cage? Seems this would easily fail during an accident. Harnesses should be looped around the cage bar. Stupid design that also appears more ornamental than functional.
Advanced Driver

NAIL IT KEV!!! I can hear you screaming now.
Intermediate Driver

Soooooo many RIGHT things about this car but it definitely lost the balance the stock body had going for it. Specifically something weird going on with the sail panels and rear quarters. There is also an issue with the front bumper. Looks like it’s tipping back a hair. The grill is the biggest eyesore. Like maybe the charger made a baby with a 1968 Torino.

What is the point of a back seat in this Charger? If Kevin and the builder were out to take advantage of lightening the car to the max with carbon fiber, eliminating the entire back seat (leather, springs, console, carpeting, seat belts) would save a lot of weight.
Advanced Driver

"With ample Hemi power", LOL.

I think it's cool.
Intermediate Driver

I gotta agree with SharkGuy to a point.

I love everything about this car except for the designer's even considering adding a back seat. A shelf of sorts woulda been just fine.

New Driver

Proof that with enough money you can make the best looking Mopar muscle car UGLY.
New Driver

The only '70 Charger with a child's booster seat installed in the driver's seat.
New Driver

I agree with many that the profile looks...odd. Seems like too much overhang at the front and rear. Even compared to an original one. The one design choice I definitely dislike, ditching the hideaway headlights.
Intermediate Driver

I saw another one of these where the carbon body was dumped on top of a Hellcat Charger. 'Made a lot more sense, and had somewhat better proportions. Modern chassis, developed components, and a better rear suspension.
As for the Hellephant, well... Why not. It's in the catalog, and affordable.
The real problem is the development of the chassis that this thing is built on, and whether it handles properly when 1000 HP is applied to it. Is it forgiving, or will it rip your face off and hit you in the arm with it?
I can understand why the car was built. Obviously a dream car for someone, and who has not dreamed of an incredible Dodge Charger of that era? (Well, not me. I always wanted one of the early, fastback special Charger 500s, with a Hemi and a 4 speed, but, then, I admit that I am not one to follow the pack).
This Charger resto/mod is a work of art, even though many of you think that it is some sort of sacrilege. Don't be so hard on someone else's dream. Have your own dream, and build THAT.
How about a Hellephant in a 'Cuda or a '53 Studebaker Starlight? Dropped on a chopped Challenger chassis... Dream big...
Intermediate Driver

Leave the Studebaker alone. They don't need no damn Hellephant!
New Driver

The sillouette is totally FUBAR compared to the original, why mess with perfection? I'm sure it is fun to drive (until you encounter a speed bump). I agree that the Low Rider slammed stance doesn't fit the car.

"A fool and his money are soon.....crashed"
Pit Crew

It's sad that such a irresponsible person like Hart can buy a great piece of art like this. I hope when he wrecks it he doesn't kill anyone.