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Hagerty Employee

Kevin Hart is saying goodbye to his one-of-a-kind 1977 Ford Bronco restomod | Hagerty Media

We often write about the fabulous new additions to Kevin Hart's car collection, but the superstar comedian/actor is about to subtract one. Hart's crazy cool 1977 Ford Bronco custom SUV will cross the block on the final day of this week's Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction, which will be held June 17-19.

While this level of detailed description may appeal to some, it almost appears Hagerty is shilling for Barrett-Jackson.
Intermediate Driver

Hart was in “way over his head” with this vehicle (figuratively and literally). With respect to Leno, he was referencing the serious accident that Hart had where he indeed went “off road”, by accident.
Intermediate Driver

Is that the 5.0 from the late 80s, early 90s? Seems like a more inexpensive option for a vehicle completed recently. The coyote or even the 6.2 from the first gen raptors have twice to four times the grunt right out of the box in a smaller package. A lot of the parts on that rig seem to be on the more inexpensive side, like the stick on flares, fuel wheels, and tires, plus the lack of a hardtop. I do appreciate the three point harnesses though, been considering adding those to my Cutlass so the wife will feel a little safer on the road. Don't get me wrong it's definitely not a bad way to build a Bronco but star power will sell that rig way easier than the build and parts choice.

I'd rather spend 25k on a salvageable Bronco (if there are any left) and use whatever is left from this sale to build my own.
Pit Crew

Saying goodbye to Kevin Hart.