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Hagerty Employee

Kevin Hart is floored by his new '69 Roadrunner custom muscle car

Kevin Hart can't get enough of custom Detroit muscle, and we can't get enough of Kevin Hart not getting enough of custom Detroit muscle. So, of course, we're excited about his newest addition. The actor, comedian, and car collector just got his first look at a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner built to his specs by Wisconsin-based craftsman Dave Salvaggio and lead designer Sean Smith.

All this clown knows how to do, is write big checks, ruin perfectly good survivors, and then he and his friends…ruin the completely, as in TOTALED!
Advanced Driver

Resto-mods are like art, sometimes you have to break a few eggs, no? The Cadillac Ranch comes to mind. Back when the art collective Ant Farm decided to bury a bunch of nice, clean, original cars in the ground, they really didn't care about destroying history. There's a story about how they bought a nice '49 Sedanette, but the guy hard-balled them on the price. After they bought the car they proceeded to beat the hood and fenders with a sledge hammer in front of the stunned, (previous) owner. Don't be too surprised when someone has a different vision of the way things should be than you do. Whoever sold the car got what they wanted, money, the buyer got a blank canvas. 😱
New Driver

that's not a classic, that's a new car.
Intermediate Driver

...and ugly, too.
Intermediate Driver

First thing...they destroyed a perfectly good, original Road Runner to make this abomination?

Secondly, this idiot is not in any way, shape, or form, a MoPar guy...he's akin to Kenny Wayne Shepherd (who no one listens to anyway and was, basically, a flash in the pan) or, Bill Goldberg (WWE, need I say more?) that the cheese contingency in the MoPar community highly revere as the gods of MoPar restomodded trash and trailer-park dweller's dreamcars.

Third, it's obvious that he suffers from severe, psychological issues that stem, most likely, from his stature. I think it's commonly referred to as Napoleon Complex? These cars are colossal wastes of money.

If you want a new car then, for god's sake, just go buy one!

1) opinion. Not my thing, but his car, his choice. Be mad you can’t afford it if you must, but that’s envy.
2) how do you define a MOPAR guy?
3) oh stop. He’s a decent human being, don’t be jealous.

Folks, we gotta stop this. How many concurs resto of everything do we need? I bet that wasn’t a #1 or even #2 car. It was probably a good, solid 3 car. What he did was give it a new life. Good for him. Cars have a soul. A machine soul and they need a human to live. Cars that sit in museums are suffering in car hell. Many look, but no one ever drives them. They are meant to be driven, to be experienced. Not to sit around like a couch.
New Driver

I have a 1 owner original ‘69 Dodge Charger, inferno red with black vinyl top, original sales receipt, window sticker, & title.