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Keep, sell, or toss? Thinning the parts stockpile is like prepping for a garage sale

While I resolutely deny that I am a hoarder, I’ll admit that I have certain hoarder-like tendencies. They derive from two events I participated in 32 years ago with my just-restored 1973 BMW 3.0CSi E9 coupe. To aid in that car’s restoration, I bought a wrecked 2800CS parts car and stripped it. Anyone who’s ever done this learns that an assembled car is the perfect vessel to hold its parts, and that when you strip it, the parts explode to a hundred times their original volume.


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I get it 100%.  I don't think its hoarding.   You can keep something for 30-40 years and the same day you throw it out or recycle it,  you or someone else needs it!  I don't know  how many times I've "cleaned up" and the following day or two after, needed that part for a project.  It will make a person scream out loud!  Will bet it happens to everyone.   If I had more room and didn't live in town, nothing would get tossed.

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