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Junk in the Trunk: Auto history's leading rear ends

Despite the proliferation of video chat and Zoom calls in recent history, the fundamentals of interpersonal communication involves face-to-face interaction. When it comes to automobiles, we aren't all that different. Manufacturers tend to design them "from the front," as people digest and judge a car's face above all else.
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Buick Riviera
late '60s
[who doesn't recognize it]?
Pit Crew

59 Cadillac is king, 66 GTO most class.
Intermediate Driver

The Riviera wins in my book, with the Corvette-style rear window bulge incorporated all the way to the rear bumper. Great styling !!!
Intermediate Driver

Any year 1960's Cadillacs and 65-68 Sunbeam Tigers
New Driver

I'm SORRY, but Porsche 928.......

The 66 LeMans / Tempest gets my #1 vote, 59 Impala would be 2nd, 67 Chevelle 3rd.


I always liked the early C3 rear... my later C3 came to me with no rear bumper and I considered modifying it with the older style until I discovered they are much more integrated into the body than my rubber baby buggy bumper

New Driver

It seems you think US automakers have some sort of monopoly on impressive rear ends.
It may be time for you to widen your scope and consider some euro bootys like the 1990's Porsche 993 turbo and 928 GTS, but also the 1955 MB 300SLR..... there's a whole other world out there.

Funny how in some posts about some Hagerty lists, some people complain that the staff have a fixation on European cars.  Now we get the opposite comment - "you guys need to widen your scope!"

Sigh.  It must seem like a thankless task to be a staff writer and try to please such a diverse readership as there is on this community.  🙄

Advanced Driver

The story wasn't about impressive rear ends.

But I'm happy to point out that neither the Ogle SX1000, Panhard Dyna, Ford Taunus P17, or OSCA 1600 GT appear to have been designed from the rear as much as the front.

1968 Dodge Charger, and 1968-1969 Ford Torino GT fastback.
Intermediate Driver

They’ll never make a top-10 list, but the ‘63-‘64 Nova SS and ‘65-‘69 Corvairs with the silver trunk cove and killer back glass are really nice.
Intermediate Driver

makes you wonder whose authoring these articles..... not the kind of rears me & my buddies were interested in!!!!
Advanced Driver

Funny, I had the same thought about the commenters.
Advanced Driver

The early Panteras with the upswept pipes and the rear differential showing. Better yet, stand behind one when running, oh the sound.

1966 Thunderbird
Pit Crew

2021 Porsche 911
Advanced Driver

'59 Impala for sure(for the fin shape). 67 GTO for the taillights. 70 Superbee and 70 Road Runner for the taillights. The early C3 Vette for the overall picture (the chrome bumpers really provide a nice contrast and enhancement to the look). The 71 Riviera without question. In fact, I may have to go buy a DVD copy of "Fletch" just to get my fix. (My car just hit a water buffalo - can I borrow your towel?)

What??!! No CTS coupe?

(just kidding!)

Thought provoking read...I enjoy it when responses are as (or more) interesting than the article. Good job Diego.
Advanced Driver

Thank you!
New Driver

Thunderbirds 1960 to 1966 are some of the most iconic, distinctive and large rear end treatments of all vintage cars IMHO.
Pit Crew
Pit Crew

Tried to add a photo lol


Community Manager
New Driver

Auburn may not have invented the boattail, but they made it perfect. There is nothing better than an 851. The '66 LeMans is second. Dream about the Auburn and regret selling the LeMans.
New Driver

My Dad had a 57 Lincoln. Now there was some sheet metal!
Advanced Driver

I am rather partial to the 66/67 Riviera booty. I wish Bill could have had his A-body Boat tail Riviera.
Intermediate Driver

The curvy bumperless rear end of the Porsche 928 was something nobody had seen in 1978....
Pit Crew

I feel snubbed, j/k. I would put up the rear end of my 68 Mercury Cougar against any of them, imho.
Pit Crew

A Chevy Styleline is currently listed for sale modified with an early 1950's Bentley Radiator/Grille. the creator thought the Chevy reminded him of the Bentley.
I didn't see either car mentioned in the story. Go figure!
Maybe next time?!
New Driver

Porsche Boxster. In fact, most Porsches.
New Driver

Ok, so it's a concept car, but the Oldsmobile F88 didn't have fins as such, more like jet pods, the dual "fishtail" exhausts, and the chrome bumper strips made it suitable for Buck Rogers...
Intermediate Driver

Used to be time when you knew that car coming down the street was a Jaguar or a BMW or a Chevy or a Ford. Now, sadly in most cases, the styling creativity seems lost and cars within their own categories all look the same. No wonder we crave vehicles of the past.
Advanced Driver

Disagree. Back in the day, there was an editorial complaining about contemporary cars and how they all look the same and won't ever be collectible like greats from the 1930s.

Guess how many 1966 American cars are strong collectibles today?
Pit Crew

How about the '57 - '59 Ford Skyliner? Have you seen the size of that rear end? They needed all that to get the top into. I tell folks "That's not a trunk lid, it's a helipad".

65-66 AMC Marlin. Actually the low production one year only 67 Marlin is probably the best...
New Driver

If this article was about beautiful interiors then the early Rivvies would win hands down, having said that I like the rear but the 59 Chevs are gorgeous.
New Driver

Earlier this year, I finally got the opportunity to acquire a boattail Riv. Mine's a '72, vintage red, with a white interior. I've loved the style of these cars since I first laid eyes on one as a kid back in the 70's. Almost every time I drive it, I feel like a minor celebrity. Most people don't know what it is, but they all know a good looking a*** when they see one!
New Driver

Any Lincoln Mark