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Joe Barry’s 3000-hp ’56 Chevy stretches the definition of a street car

In drag racing, there exists a line in the sand between what defines a “street” car and what defines a true “race” car. It stems from a great argument that street racers were somehow tougher than track racers. The theory? Track cars could not race on the street due to being more unreliable and only made to run round-by-round, compared street racers, which were maybe playing with less power but still could drive home in the same car after racing.


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Replies (5)

Replies (5)

Amazing, but ...  NO A/C = NOT a street car.

Pit Crew

If you believe this thing is street,  I've a great real estate deal for you! Even the plates were covered to protect the innocent.  If this is a legal road car, I wanna go there just to watch.

New Driver

It's always interesting to read about these guys who put in such time and effort to stretch the limits. It's not my part of the Hobby but it doesn't matter; they are welcomed as far as I'm concerned.

Intermediate Driver

How many gallons to the mile does that ride get?

Pit Crew