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JLR reimagined: Jaguar and Land Rover are going electric | Hagerty Media

It's no secret that the last few years have not been rosy for Jaguar and Land Rover. Sales have faltered and the company has found itself out of step with a rapidly changing market. Recently-appointed CEO Thierry Bolloré, formerly of Renault, has today announced steps that give both luxury brands a clear vision for the future-and perhaps not surprisingly, it involves a heavy focus on electrification.

So JLR is reimagined. Right. The real strategy of JLR is to design cars to be made with as cheap parts as possible regardless of reliability, market them aggressively. Build in warranty repairs for the first five years into the initial sales price, then soak the fool that tries to buy a used JLR that is more than five years old as multiple parts and systems fail. Worse yet, also eliminate electronics parts availability on any JLR more than a few years old so they have to be trashed even if they have very low mileage on them.

We've seen in Texas this week what can happen with high demand on the power grid at night. Now imagine that 15% of all cars in the US are charging at night, and you have a formula for disaster. What will happen to JLR and GM sales when their entire fleet is electric and the power grid becomes overloaded and people discover they can't charge their cars overnight? A rerun of the 1980's gas crunch? Hmmm.