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Hagerty Employee

Jim Hackett to retire from Ford CEO position, succeeded by Jim Farley

Jim Hackett will be retiring from his role as President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, to be replaced by current COO Jim Farley, effective October 1.


Hackett joined Ford’s board of directors in 2013, before stepping up to President and CEO of the company in May 2017. Prior to Ford he was the CEO of Steelcase, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based office furniture company, for nearly twenty years.


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Intermediate Driver

If the current pattern of Ford CEOs holds, i.e. guys named Jim, I expect Jim Harbaugh to be the next CEO of Ford. Harbaugh can't do any worse than this chair salesman did. Maximizing Shareholder Value Was Job #1 for Jim Hackett, and he couldn't even do that.


Jim Farley came to Ford from Toyota 13 years ago, and Toyota is still nursing shoulder injuries suffered during 10 consecutive days of high-fiving each other. Ford has perhaps the best-documented history of economic guys running roughshod over car guys, often running off it's car guys to competitors.