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Hagerty Employee

Jessi Combs posthumously awarded Guinness record for fastest female

Nearly one year after her fatal crash, Jessi Combs has earned the Guinness World Record title of the world's fastest female. The women's Land Speed Record at 522.783 mph was set on August 27th, 2019, just before her third and final run on that day at Alvord Desert, Oregon.


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Thanks for updating us on this story. It wasn't clear in some of the earlier reporting in other outlets if sufficient passes were done to qualify for a record. My understanding is landspeed is the average of 2 same-day passes in the unchanged vehicle.


Still a terrible sad story.


I think you should go back for an update one more time.  The placement of the last line in your story makes it read like you think the fatal failure and cause of Jessi's death was well deserved.


It should read something more like, "A record well deserved, and a driver forever remembered".

Community Manager

You are right! We will be re-writing that sentence to ensure clarity needed.
Intermediate Driver

I only have one question - Dear Jessi, where ever you are, was it worth it?

Hagerty Fan
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Was the required/regulation passes made to qualify the record speed to the same standards used for men’s Guinness records?


A nice tribute to her dedication and balls.
Not to the engineering of the vehicle.
I hope she was at least wearing a firesuit, unlike the photo of her in the cockpit in sleeveless top...

Pit Crew

I have no problem with Guiness putting her in the record books at all. I just wish she had been in a more stable and safe car.


What a shame to lose such a smart, talented, beautiful and driven person. So good to see that her incredible record is now official. She leaves us all heart broken. Jim O'Brien, FL


Nothing but total respect and admiration for Jessi, who had the skills and ambition to pursue her goals and risk it all, so please note my following comments are against the game, not the player. Can we finally get rid of having two LSR based on sex? This isn't the WNBA or East German Olympic "Womans" weightlifting team kind of thing. There's nothing physical about the LSR that gives an advantage to any particular sex, only misguided rules committees and such can give that. Pathetic.