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Hagerty Employee

Jeep Wrangler half-door revealed testing in plain sight

A new batch of spy photos shows the upcoming Wrangler wearing half doors, the first time we've seen this variation of a production JL-generation Jeep. Sort of, anyway: Jeep teased half doors when the JL Wrangler launched in 2017 and also with the 2018 Jeepster concept.


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Jeep needs to pull their heads out from where the sun doesn't shine and mount the mirrors to the hood, fender, or A-pillar. It is mind boggling that they continue with, and their fans accept, not having mirrors when you take the doors off. I hope it happens soon with the Bronco showing them how it is done.


The upcoming Ford Bronco beats them at this game with doors that have real windows that roll down, mirrors that aren't attached to the doors and doors that are more easily stored in the back. I would have thought Jeep would at least have copied Ford here.

Community Manager

I bet Jeep is doing all they can right now in a mid-cycle refresh.  I expect the next redesign will have the mirrors in the correct location. 


They should have done what was on the TJ. At least you could relocate the mirrors on them. Doesn’t look to me that that is an option here. 


Doors?!? Back in my Army days the only "door" we had on our Jeeps was a thin canvas strap across the opening, and it was only there to keep your passenger from falling out when he fell asleep, which he invariable did.