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Hagerty Employee

JDM fans are closely watching R34 Skyline GT-R prices

When it comes to JDM royalty, the Skyline GT-R is without a doubt a top dog. It's as much a cultural icon as it is a symbol of Japanese performance might. The mere mention of the Skyline provokes excitement among many enthusiasts, many of whom may have never encountered one in person. And although Nissan built Skyline GT-Rs in relatively large numbers, some of the rarer examples are generating serious attention and, in many cases, high sales results. As sought-after R34-generation cars begin to sell for major cash, particularly in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), let’s explore what makes Godzilla so special. Read the full article on

Hagerty Fan
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The Skyline R34 has been a moderate obsession of mine for a long time. Ever since I watched Paul Walker driving it around in the Fast and Furious movies. I'm one of those people hopeful I have the cash to splurge when they become more available!