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Hagerty Employee

Jay Leno's quarantine project updates are cooler than yours (and ours too)

Stay-at-home orders continue across much of the U.S., which we hope means more folks are making progress on their automotive projects. If you're happy with what you've accomplished so far, you'll be amazed by what Jay Leno has done. Watch as he updates us on what he's been up to during the last month or so.


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One of the things I like about Leno is he is a genuine car person. Gets his hands dirty, drives his cars, enjoys the story/history.


He admits he's lucky to have the wealth to do it at the level he does. But even if his career path had been a minimum-wage job, I think he would of found a way to have one special car that he worked on and it would be cool.


Absolutely! It easy to be jealous, but the fact is he is just like us but has the means to do more--so he does! He has done some awesome projects just because he can, and those car are now something that at some point will go out into the world for others to enjoy the same way.