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Jay Leno gets radical with a … Corvair pickup?

Pickup designs are largely the same these days. Engine up front, a cab, and a cargo bed. Simple and hardworking. However, in the 1960s Chevrolet got radical and decided to try a different layout. The rear-engine Corvair was Chevrolet’s economy car, but Chevy designers thought it provided a great framework for a pickup. Thus a very interesting pickup was born.


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I loved the Corvair pick ups .........small Jeep garage near me when I was a kid had one for sale , I drooled over it never got the money to buy but was near the spot that I had to meet the school bus so looked at it every day ......not sure when he sold it but it was there for ages ,Though it was unique I would mention that Jeep actually had cab forward design from mid 50s ......though not sure how popular they were this same Jeep garage had one with wrecker body !


I just purchased one of these TODAY (!) and got her back home safely after an all-day odyssey across half of Texas and back.  So anxious to get rolling on this restoration that I searched for anything video related and was thrilled to find this video featuring Jay Leno and his stunning restoration.  Fantastic how he covered the story and thoroughly showed the vehicle in-depth.  I’m strongly leaning toward the exact same color scheme as I

red is my favorite color and the white band around the middle really sets it off.   Thanks for posting the video and your comments as well.  Darryl in Lubbock, Texas


Landscapers Loved this little Truck to load up their Lawn Mowers with little effort... GM really messed up Big Time dropping the Corvair Line. The Poor Man's Porche is still running strong and Much better than NEW...