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Japanese Rock Stars: Three cheap rigs from 1987 go dirty dancing in Utah’s canyon country

It was the age of perestroika. Of peak Michael Jackson. Of U2 and The Joshua Tree and RoboCop and Reagan and the Black Monday Crash that seemed so terrifying back then. It was also a time of body stripes and dashboard inclinometers and five-speeds on everything. It was the time when Japanese trucks were cool.


This all started last year when three friends were talking about the idea of throwing in together on a barn-find Porsche 356C in need of everything. The plan fell apart when one of the friends, Hagerty’s own Logan Calkins (last seen jumping his VW Thing), decided that the Porsche was too much of a sinkhole, and that what he really wanted was a 1980s Toyota 4Runner. Because the 1980s were rad and because, despite the fact that he had already owned 13 Toyota 4Runners, somehow that itch wasn’t fully scratched ... 


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Not going to get into a "my SUV is better" contest. I say the best SUV is the one that takes you to places like Moab. I've been to Moab and Arches in a couple of different SUVs and what I remember most isn't the SUV. 🙂 


5 stars to the author for an excellent article and inspiration to check out new areas.

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