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Hagerty Employee

James Bond Mercury Cougar sells for a record $481,000 in London | Hagerty Media

A 1969 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Cobra Jet convertible, one of several used in the 1969 James Bond action film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, sold for a world record £356,500 (about $481,000) at Bonhams Bond Street Sale in London on December 17.
Intermediate Driver

Adjust the hood so the trim lines up.

The problem seems to be with the body stamping itself. The Hood is perfectly aligned with the fenders, but the leading plane of the hood is shorter in height than the corresponding surfaces on the fenders.

Movie cars don't get much better than this, nor do movie roles for cars.
Advanced Driver

What, and spoil the authenticity?
Intermediate Driver

There was no "XR-7 package." The XR-7 was a trim level.
Intermediate Driver

Another case of, "More money than brains."
Pit Crew

Great old Cougar, from a less-than-top James Bond movie. But, ouch, those suction cups on the trunk lid.
Pit Crew

A ‘68 GTE is one thing. But having owned one of these ‘69s...overweight with the build quality a notch above a Yugo. Bond, James Bond? Gimmee a break.
Advanced Driver

In the book, that female character drove a Lancia with deDion/Bouton semi-independent rear suspension. But in the movie, Diana Rigg drove this, and she just died, which certainly must have had some impact on this sale price. Now that there is *really* no chance of Connery reprising the role, I expect some of the other pieces of that era to skyrocket for a while, as well.
Pit Crew

The Bond movie car that I'd like to have is the Falcon Ranchero used in which movie I can't remember. But I do remember that a Lincoln Town Car went through a crusher, the cube of Lincoln was then picked up by a crane and dropped into the bed of that Ranchero which drove away. The car didn't collapse, the springs didn't break and the tires didn't explode. What a car!
Intermediate Driver

Goldfinger. I doubt seriously that a Ranchero would handle the 2+ tons of a Lincoln (especially if dropped), but I also doubt that a Lincoln could be crushed into a 1 meter cube. Some 'Hollywood' in that scene.
Pit Crew

At the time I wondered how they got the tires to squeal on the snow and ice covered roads,