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Hagerty Employee

Jamaican bobsled team gets a push from Mini

Actually, it's the other way round. Two members of the Jamaican national bobsled team have been training in lockdown by pushing a Mini around their U.K. home.


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I read the article because the preview headline made me think of Cool Runnings. I haven't seen that in ages, so not sure it holds up but I loved it as a kid.


I pictured them pushing around an old Mini rather than the modern version. Nice (and smart) of Mini to come in as a sponsor of sorts.


This article made me look up how Jamaica has done in bobsledding since 1988 (what Cool Runnings was inspired by) and it's pretty impressive. Noteworthy to me is the part where the internet community came up huge with funding $ to get the team into one of the big competitions   --I guess more than just myself wants to see a (nonfiction) Cool Runnings II where they win.