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Hagerty Employee

Jackson's Ye Ole Carriage Shop honors Michigan's upstart automakers

Detroit is a city synonymous with life on four wheels, but in the primordial years of auto manufacturing, another Michigan locale lay at the epicenter of auto manufacturing: Jackson. This was the early 1900s, an era of rapid industrialization and innovation.
Pit Crew

I'll have to see if my spouse wants to go back to visit... she went to school in Spring Arbor for a couple years. Seeing the museum would be a plus.
Advanced Driver

Hopefully they have set up a Not for profit corporation with an endowment to keep it going in the future when they are gone. So many cool small museums (and some larger collections) get broken up and sold off when the owner dies.
Hagerty Employee

yes. It is a 501c3

Intermediate Driver

Definitely on the bucket list!! Being born in Saginaw Michigan and living my whole life in Michigan I have never seen this museum.
Thank You for bringing it to my attention!! We will try to see it this summer.
Pit Crew

Odd that the article shows very few of the rare cars in the museum (which, after all, is the focus of the article)....I'd have loved to have seen them instead of the paraphernalia and featured Lincoln, Chevy, or Buick. Oh, well.

My now long-gone grandfather once explained that the purpose of a high wheeler was to allow you to travel on muddy roads without getting the undercarriage stuck in the mud. In Kansas they were called "mudders." And that beautiful silver bomber is a model of a B-58 Hustler, a terrific state of the art plane who's mission was obsolete by the time that they was deployed.
Advanced Driver

I sincerely love articles like this from days gone by. When asked if I would like to live in the future or in the past when it comes to transportation I always pick the past as can you imagine seeing these cars and innovations first hand? Every time I have an opportunity to see a car show with anything up to the very last 80's I am a looking. I my opinion there may never be a museum for cars of the 2000's as it would be next to impossible to know one car year as well as manufacturer from another.

Fun fact:
Majority of car collectors have "Pedal Cars" in their Gargage.
Intermediate Driver

I didn’t know about this museum when we passed through Michigan in 2019, but I highly recommend the Gilmore museum, just northeast of Kalamazoo. So detailed we couldn’t cover it all, and they often have car shows on the property, too!

Very cool museum. If I am ever in that part of Michigan again I would definitely visit it.

WOW ....another reason for me to come and visit MICHIGAN again ! Borders OPEN up I can't wait much longer !
New Driver

I drove down to this place to take a look yesterday and it turns out you can only get in by appointment. Call Judy between 8 and 1 EST at 517-750-0500 to make an appointment for a guided tour.

Was looking at the spark plug collage and taking notice that the method of construction has never changed in over a century.

Thank goodness for people like Cameron and Troy! Great article.
New Driver

I think it’s very interesting that in the photo of all the Coca-Cola bottles,can, cups, etc. that right in the middle of the Coke cups is a Pepsi-Cola cup!

Seems like a great place. Would like to see it. Thanks for the article.