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Hagerty Employee

Itching for a spring car tour, we're hitting the road to Amelia Island

As winter holds tightly to many of us in northern climes, the siren call for a collector car road trip becomes increasingly more intense. Thankfully, The Amelia is right around the corner, and the Amelia Island or Bust Tour beckons.
New Driver

I drove this trip on the first year that there was a Amelia or Bust road rally. What a blast it was, kool people, great cars, and every night a neat garage to visit with a bunch of wonderful cars. I am sorry I have not had a chance to join in on the latest adventures. And then the end of the trip, the Amelia Concours d'Elegance! I am so jealous to not be on the trip this year.

It's a shame the B29 Strato-Fortress wasn't ready earlier during the big war. It would have made our bomber's work a heck of alot more comfortable, cabin pressurization, heating and room.