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It's not paranoia if they really are out to take your cars | Hagerty Media

I've been thinking a lot about Neil Peart and Richard Aborn these past few weeks. Chances are you know who Neil Peart was-if you don't, that might indicate that our campaign to attract more female automotive enthusiasts to this page is working, because I've never met a woman who could name a single member of Rush or name a single song the band played.

Excellent editorial - but probably a voice in the wilderness.

Actually they are not out to take your car. You will have electric so you will still have your car.

What they are doing is making it too expensive to develop new ICE models for automakers to be profitable.

The UK is bumping up ethanol to the point it will damage your vintage car and even your weed eater.

Like the anti gun movement they are letting you buy the gun but try to find Ammo.

Now I see they are working in Europe to use GPS to control the max speed you can drive. The GPS would read the location and force the car to the limit. Talk about fun merging on a freeway.

I also see they will control where you go and when you go in the name of traffic control.

If you are rich you are not immune. Bugatti and Lamborgini have an ounce their move to electric. Ferrari has hybrids and will go electric. Bentley and Rolls, Aston etc Electric. Jag already electric.

The upper class will be forced electric just as we are.

The problem now is this is no longer political. The Automakers have found that they can in the future meet their goals and they can build cars cheaper and at more profit. They are tired of trying to get more mpg from 4 and 3 cylinder engines that have been very expensive to design and build. The exotic metals and composite to cut weight etc.

Finally the public as a whole generally have lost the passion for a car. So for the, as long as it is affordable and safe they will accept EV like frogs being boils slowly.

We now need to fight for our hobby as we will be faced with many challenges for fuel and future regulations. They will let us keep our cars but finding oil and fuel may be difficult as finding 9mm shells.