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Hagerty Employee

It’s no Saint: meet the new Volvo P1800 Cyan

A 1962 Volvo P1800 was the car of choice for Simon Templar, the character played by Roger Moore in The Saint, the hit U.K. ’60s television series that turns adults of a certain, ahem, age misty-eyed. But Simon Templar’s P1800 was positively saintly compared with this new reinterpretation from Cyan, the race team responsible for some of Volvo’s past campaigns in motor racing.


Cyan Racing, based in Sweden, has taken the P1800, arguably the most iconic Volvo of all time, and treated it to a thoroughly modern makeover, one that is very much on-trend with today’s demand for reinterpretation, continuation and rat-rod cars ...


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Pit Crew

Almost certainly a better drive than the original - but certainly not as pretty

Intermediate Driver

no stability control, no ABS.  beautiful to look at and dangerous to drive.  those two additions would not have been noticed outside the car and would have added only a small amount of weight.  throw-back is one thing  -  safety is another.

Community Manager

And its ironic considering Volvo is a brand known for its....wait for it...SAFETY! 

New Driver

I agree with the previous contributor.  A shame to ruin a timeless and faultless design just to be "different".  There are plenty of well-built cars out there with excessive horsepower, available for well under 100K, so I guess it would just take a very wealthy Swede to be willing to fork over half a mil for a non-P1800 oddity

New Driver

I guess I'll be the first one to say, "I like it."  I think it's beautiful and I like that they left it simple on the tech.  The fact that you have to have the skill sets to manage it means it's only built for people who are into that kind of thing.  Good for them for going against the mold.

New Driver

Ah, the P-1800...  I love the original.  If they could come up with a reasonably priced regular production automobile in the US $50k-ish range, I'd be all over that. 


As the owner of a clean, original, totally stock 1965 model, I've always thought the P1800 to be one of the most beautifully designed cars of all times. A sports car, however, it is not. It's a touring car, and a delight to drive, nevertheless. I've often wondered why Volvo never resurrected the car, given it's enduring good looks and history. I'm delighted to see someone take this car to the next level. 


If only a car similar to this could be produced with the comma in the price moved over one place to the left!

Pit Crew

Beautiful car no doubt but that kind of money buys you a lot more fun in the real world than this car can deliver. 

Pit Crew

That’s a beautiful redo of the P1800. Someone should do that with an early Porsche 911. Wait a minute - Singer already does that. I like them both.

Intermediate Driver

Now that's a one spicy "Swedish" meatball! 


Not for me even if you knock a 0 off the price. That silly long fart pipe in the back put a nail in the coffin for me.

Intermediate Driver

Very nice looking, but not at a price approaching Ford GT territory.

Intermediate Driver

It is a pretty car, but at $500K there are just to many possibilities to consider to get really serious about it.

Pit Crew

The article didn't mention it but the "fins" are gone.   I've seen other P-1800s modified like this and I do like the look.    As someone else said, over $500k buys a lot of car so someone would have to want this real bad.



400HP? Let's hope its much wider than the earlier model.  And at the price? don't think folks in that market go for these vehicles.  I very much like what they've done (style wise).

Pit Crew

I think this car is beautiful looking and I'm sure it is fun to drive going back to retro to 1960's. I owned a 1966 Volvo two door sedan 4 cyl.  It was fun to drive and looked good.  I paid $1200 back then used.    But the P-1800 price tag of $500,000.00?  Let's be realistic like GM did with the Corvette mid-engine. Now that reasonable at around $75,000.00.


Beautifully designed. But why pay 500k for a volvo with 4cylinder engine. Think about what you could get for that kind of money!