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Hagerty Employee

It's endgame for the VW Golf | Hagerty Media

Volkswagen has built the last Golf bound for the United States at its Puebla, Mexico plant. When that final 2021 model is sold, no more will follow. After over 45 years the Golf has reached its endgame-at least when it comes to the cooking models.
Intermediate Driver

The original Golf/ Rabbit is still a good looking car. I never appreciated it then. A couple of decades of tortured sheet metal passed off as "styling" [looking at you Honda Civic...Hello Veloster Get outta here Chevy Spark ] make it [-and the current one] look clean, sleek and beautiful.
Regardless of what I think of VW in general, the styling on them is clean and attractive, as it is with Audi.
Pit Crew

I bought a 2011 2Dr Golf to commute in. (30 mi each way)
The gas savings over the Firehawk half way paid for it.
Smoothest shifting 5 spd I ever drove and very comfortable seats.
Intermediate Driver

I feel like the only people who bought mild Golfs in the US bought diesels. Once Dieselgate killed the diesel in the US, so went the mild Golf.