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Hagerty Employee

It isn't obvious, but this is the latest Tesla Model S | Hagerty Media

Tesla revealed an updated Model S as part of a presentation for its 2020 Q4 earnings report and, for an eight-year-old model, the EV sedan is still looking fresh. Those outside the Tesla faithful will be forgiven for not identifying the newest model at first sight.

Electric Dodge Neon?
New Driver

Truth is I'm totally unimpressed with tesla, I don't care if it has five thousand horsepower and goes four hundred miles per hr. I will not own an electric vehicle, even my golf cart has a gas engine. Who the crap wants to listen to nothing but maybe maybe some wind whistling by at 200 mph. I want to hear some exhaust screaming, carburetor or intake howling, tires squaling and smoking and good old exhaust notes when gearing down. Piss on electric and I can care less about what vehicle it can out run or preform. I'll stick with good ole American muscle and keep that big smile every time hit another gear !!!