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Hagerty Employee

Is your muscle car a safe investment?

Many people regularly check in on the stock market, even if it's just a brief glance at the Dow Jones and Nasdaq en route to perusing sports box scores. But have you ever really thought about what it is we're keeping tabs on, and why?

Cars in general are fun investments but can prove to be unstable much of the time.

There are many unknowns coming. Emissions laws, the change to electric etc. will these cars be banned, limited or just too expensive to buy Gas for to enjoy.

Right now if I were to invest for the future it would not be cars.

I also say when you buy a car buy what you love and that way if it ends up being worth nothing you have a car you still love.

I work in the performance and racing industry and I can see the generational shift here as kids today have less love for the 60’s cars and in many cases cars at all. I expect to see some key cars to remain high but most will continue to see prices decline. If the economy continues to decline it will not help values.

Keeps and trucks are where the market is now. These are where you may see gains. The Jeep is the present day Mustang people buy and modify. Women love them. I make money on these like I used to make on the Mustang and Camaro.

The environmental laws are going to be the wild card here and right now they are already destroying the needed oils and next will be the fuels. They already have methanol that is doing damage to older cars and they want to increase it.

Here is what I see coming ahead. Thousands of startup craft distilleries. The product won't be for drinken!

Porsche and others are working on synthetic fuels I feel for the collectors. I expect it will not be cheap. 

Home made may not be in the cards as regulating at the government is anymore the penalty may be worse than moonshine.