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Hagerty Employee

Is this Chevrolet “Tritation” a wicked custom, or just wildly terrible?

One of the most beautiful parts of the automotive world is that we are all free to modify and alter our cars to become an extension of our personality and character. However, some of you need to calm down with the sawzall and welder. This Custom Chevrolet Citation, dubbed the “Tritation,” is a prime example of taking it just a bit too far—though it is really well done. Read the full article on


The Tritation is one of the best examples of "A for Effort".  Usually that's the kind of comment you get but may never hear the continuance like in this case "F for Looks".  To support my opinion and definition, I googled the phrase and got this: 

        'A for Effort' is used when recognizing that someone tried hard to accomplish                  something although they might not have been successful. Example of Use: “The              cake didn't turn out like she had planned, but I give her an A for effort!”  

I can't see someone being interested enough to buy this CAKE!

Pit Crew

I think it comes under the heading, "Yes, you can but why would you?"


Unless I can't see the picture well, or it says "Tritation" somewhere else on the car, the emblem that has been put together on the "front" fender says "Triation"

Pit Crew

I totally agree.

Intermediate Driver

Its kinda like a car wreck.  You can't keep yourself from staring,  and then you feel bad about it afterwords.


Wow. I'm not a fan of the end result but this took some hard work and ingenuity. Would be interested in talking to the person who built this. 


Like most others here, it's not for me but I'm very impressed, and enjoy knowing someone fulfilled their dream. I bet it's more fun to drive than look at.