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Is third time the charm for Buell Motorcycles? | Hagerty Media

Any brand that tries to claw its way back from the dead faces a massive challenge. Buell Motorcycles is no exception, though it's more practiced than most brands at the art of resurrection. Could its third attempt prove the most successful? Bill Melvin thinks so.

As a resident of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, I had no ideal Buell was based here. Regardless, I think it's a tall order for them to be competitive with global motorcycle makers in three years. Surprisingly (or maybe not) I didn't see a mention of a battery powered cycle in there. Like the auto industry, it seems battery powered motorcycles produced by legacy manufacturers have a harder time gaining acceptance than recent ones. Hopefully they will be able to achieve their goals, more choice is always better.

I would wager it would be even more difficult to compete on the electric side in three years. Sure, they could buy a battery and motor from a third party or source the package from another manufacturer, but then its bikes come with a decent asterisk of "being a tarted-up _____" (insert other company name here).

Electric bikes!?!
What's the point?
Bikes are already pretty fuel efficient, and besides the track, how much cruising/off-roading distance can you get out of a battery that will comfortably fit/not overload a bike?
I can hear it now; "Hello Hagerty. I'm on my electric dual sport bike out in the middle of BFE and I need a charge! Can you helicopter in a fresh battery to my GPS coordinates for me"?
I wonder how much THAT "towing bill" would be...

The tech might not be the best fit for off-road currently, but we have been seeing fairly rapid advancements over the last few years. The HD Livewire claims 146miles of range, that is double that of my KE175 that I traversed the upper peninsula of Michigan with last year--all with no range anxiety.
The instant torque and fewer moving parts of an electric powertrain would be great for a commuter bike.
New Driver

MV Agusta has survived for over 2 decades only manufacturing a few thousand bikes a year, so you never know.

HD hardly popularized Buell; they basically ignored it; then killed it.

So, what’s Erik up to these days? Great ideas, lots of passion!

Dream on.
New Driver

Erik Buell has a new company. Fuell...developing an electric motorcycle.