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Hagerty Employee

Is the Nissan Z poised to become the next 911? | Hagerty Media

We are in the midst of a Nissan Z boom. You may be thinking, "Old news, the 240Z has been rising in value for years." Yes, it has. But here's the thing, we're now seeing it for all Zs.
Pit Crew

I had a 240Z in Australia - the importer brought them in with a three speed automatic or a five forward speed manual. The fifth gear was an overdrive and it was awesome .........
The greatest deficiency was braking -- very small disc front brakes and read drum brakes. An after market option was disc brakes front and rear that helped. The 240Z also floated at high speed so an airdam was offered that would pull the nose down to the ground. The floating was a serious deficiency.
The 240Z was really a cheap copy of the E Type Jaguar. The 240Z used brakes and transmissions off other Datsun sedans, so it wasn't especially designed, but that straight six cylinder engine was awesome.
It should be a collectible, but they are rust prone so be watchful when looking to buy.

My least favorite Z is the 350 and 370. Nice cars but not great cars to me. I love the old 240/260 Z cars myself but I am partial to the 1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX Turbo myself. It's just my favorite Z. Maybe the 400Z or whatever they call it will bring some of that magic back. I think they should call it the 300Z/ZX Turbo myself.
New Driver

This is/was a great article! I bought a 1984 300ZX in Feb 1984, brand new non-turbo GLL Model, only 2 options were available for this model, Leather-Digital Package (seats were leather, drivers side 8 way adjustable including air controlled lumbar, side bolster and lower seat, upgraded stereo, digital dash, digital HVAC system) and the T-Tops. The Turbo was the other option but insurance was way too expensive for me.

I still have the car 172k original miles and seeing the value going up and up. I switched to Haggerty 2 years ago and need to change my declared value after reading this article. It is still my favorite, the car has luxury features well ahead of the times and with a little extra work the handling is great. Not fast car but still fun to drive.

Not really as the 911 is a iconic car while the Z is a collectible sports car. 

Only the 911, Corvette and Miata have hit high volume long life icon status.

Even with the 911 the focus is Air Cooled with collectors. 

For the Z the older the better. 

The rest are cool and good sports cars but their short lives and low numbers are just a limiting factor. 

The Z will come up in value in some trims but even my Fiero today is worth more than new.