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Hagerty Employee

Is the fate of this ’Nam-era ambulance a matter of personality?

Amidst the never-ending stream of online classifieds, this 1967 Kaiser M725 Ambulance currently for sale from Street Dreams Texas is practically leaping off the screen at me. Is it the blood-red medical cross? The boxy profile? The morbid mystique of the stretchers? Given pause, I realized that the real appeal of this $19,500 olive ambulance is its potential. In my highly imaginary ownership of such an impressive vehicle, the daydreams branch off in one of two directions: preserve and honor, or reimagine and transform. For fun, let’s inhabit the minds of two differently-brained enthusiasts. Are you The Preservationist or The Creator?


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Pit Crew

The creator should start with one of the many that aren't as nice as this one...

Intermediate Driver

For God's sake, don't let Chip Foose get ahold of it.....


Hagerty Employee

a Preservationist, I see, perhaps?