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Hagerty Employee

Is the Duesenberg Model J the greatest American car ever built?

There’s a reason that the phrase “That’s a Duesy” has been reserved for the biggest and best, no matter the object or subject. The Duesenberg Model J, introduced to the world in December 1928, was arguably the finest American automobile ever built. And that’s exactly what E.L. Cord had in mind when he purchased Duesenberg Motors in 1925 and asked brothers Fred and Augie Duesenberg to help him create the ultimate luxury car ... Read the full article on


New Driver

I have seen many Duesenbergs at Pebble Beach over the years & always marvel over their build quality, without question the best built, best looking, & best designed American cars ever.

Intermediate Driver

Many years back, while in Las Vegas to attend my brother in law's wedding, having free time on my hands and not being interested in the usual attractions, found that the Imperial Palace had a car museum. The casino thoughtfully put the museum on the top floor at the back of all the assorted gambling venues, so one could be tempted to stop and play instead. However, I persisted and found my way to the museum, and it was WOW!! They had what was billed as the largest collection of Duesy's in one place, and what a collection. As I recollect, there were about 20 or 25 in attendance, and all but one was really a work of art. The one that I found "out of character" was a black car with the bulging proportions of a pumpkin, but must have been someone's dream car.  They also had the car that was given to Mussolini's mistress (bullet-proof glass, etc), one of hitler's parade cars (1"+ bullet proof glass), and several other interesting cars, but the highlight of the museum was the Deusenberg collection. I don't know if it is still there, but if it is, it's worth a visit.

Community Manager

Unfortunately the museum closed a few years back, even the Imperial Palace is gone. There is a Hollywood Car Museum located not too far away from the strip, however. 

Intermediate Driver

best American car? yes, big yes, hell yes! never seen one in the flesh, but some day....

do the museums include free drooling rags for us peasants who can only dream??

Community Manager

They have those velvet rope barriers for this reason 🙂 


The Auto Collections in Vegas is no longer there. They closed at the end of 2018. The Duesenbergs were long gone - they weren't there when I moved to Vegas in 2010. Apparently, at one point, the owner of the museum had 52 Duesenbergs.  Most, if not all, were sold off