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Is the 1970-71 Monte Carlo finally getting the attention it deserves? | Hagerty Media

By now it's no secret that the muscle car market is making a comeback. Strong sales through the first quarter of the year by Mecum Auctions and Barrett-Jackson confirmed that lust for loud V-8s has weathered the pandemic. Surprisingly, though, the poster child for the latest muscle car craze isn't a Hemi Cuda or an LS6 Chevelle.

I recall it being called the "A-special", back in the day.
Advanced Driver

When I was 18 years old I was at Casa Linda Plaza in Dallas. I saw a triple black 70/71 Monte Carlo SS454. I didn't know they made a Monte Carlo SS, much less a Monte Carlo SS454 with a four speed. Now I read that no, I did not see a Monte Carlo SS454 with a four speed. All I can say is that I was stunned to see it AND it is impossible to mistake a four speed for an automatic in a Monte Carlo. Particularly for a car guy, which was me. I was able to talk to the driver for a couple of minutes. He might have been blowing smoke up my ......., but I believed him. Still rather have a Grand Prix though.
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I have a 72 monte carlo custom,454 , the car was ordered from a friend of mine ,which i bought from him 40 plus years ago, we live in the same town, and this car rides and runs so smooth .glad to see these cars increasing in value.
Pit Crew

A 72 Custom with a 454 is very rare. There are no specific statistics on how many but with the data/experience we do have at the FGMCC it has been estimated that 100 or less Customs with a 454 were made. No official number unfortunately.
New Driver

WOW! Flashback!!
1970, (I was 20) traded in my 67 Mustang GT w/ 390 3-speed manual for a new silver w/black vinyl top, base 350, auto, bench seat Monte Carlo. Nice smooth, quiet ride, Great handling, comfortable on road trips.
I took it in for service @ 1,000 miles, Dealership owner was relative,and they still had my old Mustang on the lot, so I got to drive it for a few days, until my Monte Carlo was finished. Will never forget what my old Mustang felt like after driving the Monte Carlo for a few months. Squeaked, rattled, roared, etc.. At that time, I was so pleased with my monte Carlo. (However, now, I really wish I still had my Mustang!! One of 500 made with that setup)
Ah, youth..
New Driver

I bought a '71 monte when I was 16 from my uncle with 75K miles. My first car paint code #24 ascot blue poly with blue vinyl top and blue cloth interior split bench seat. I loved that car with its body lines and styling. Always working on it knew every part on the car. I feel the '71 had the best grille and front bumper design. Drove it for about 10 years then sold it with 150K because it was attempted stolen several times when in dental school in Detroit (thank god for kill switch in back set ashtray) I would love to find another one just like it now. A stock 350 cu in with 4 barrel quadrajet 270 hp was pretty quick with dual exhaust. I won a lot of street races with that sleeper. the good ole days.

I recall the Monte Carlo arriving back in 69 as a 70 model. GM had a green 1970 on a turn table that had the body rise up hydraulically. 

What was shocking was about 12 years later I owned an identical model from Alabama that had the original caps and fender skirts still on it. I did put rally’s and 255/60/15 Eagles on it and it became a really good daily driver using no oil. It even had a choke that still worked perfectly. I only lost a starter in the years I owned it. 

Then a few years ago the Crawford Museum in Cleveland obtained and restored the very same 1970 hydraulic display I saw as a kid. They set it up at the Cleveland auto show yearly. It was cool to be able to get a video of it working. 

two oh my favorite cars of this era were the 1970 Monte and the 69 Grand Prix with the 428 HO. 


If there's a cooler automatic shifter anywhere, I can't think of it.

As long as there are 1970 and '71 Chevelles, the 1970 and '71 Monte Carlos never will be worth a whole lot.

Monte Carlo's were a good looking muscular coupe. Even the last 80's SS's were nice. Sad to see how it kind of withered away as a front drive coupe.

The LS4-powered 2006-2007 Monte Carlos SS's were far from withered: 0-60 in the mid-fives, per mag tests of the time. I had a 2009 LS4 Buick Lacrosse Super, and it MOVED. Wish I still had it.

I'll take a Monte any day over a Chevelle..... Love the style always have ..Classy !

"Almost as important, these Monte Carlos look very much like the anemic 1973–77 malaise-era Montes." The beautiful 1970-72 Monte Carlos look VERY LITTLE like the baroque, ugly-toad 1973-77 Montes, other than being of similar long-hood/short-deck proportions. Perhaps the author needs new glasses. ;<)

The 1972's, in my opinion, look even better than the 1970-71's, due to the changed grill, and parking-light location. I guess they were not available with the 454, though.

In any event, glad to see these cars are perhaps finally getting their due; they were always even better-looking than the attractive Malibu of the same years, with an an air of class that the Malibu lacked.
New Driver

We own a 1971 SS 454 it’s is amazing. So happy to be apart of the community

I had a 70 that came with caps and fender skirts. It was a clean car from AL. 

I drove it 3 years and it never used oil and needed any work. 

I added 255/60/15 eagles on rally’s and sold the car for more than I paid. 

Even the choke worked perfect at 120,000 miles. The car is still around today in great shape. 

Intermediate Driver

Was the vin plate reattached using the proper rivets?