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Is SEMA at a dead end? The answer may be electrifying | Hagerty Media

If your dream is a hot rod built by the marriage of a vintage muscle car to a giant flame-spitting V-8, then there were literally hundreds of companies at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas that can help you realize it. As there were in 2017.

" But if you want to build something like the Icon’s most recent Derelict, a 1949 Mercury coupe running a 400-horsepower electric motor"... No, I'm not interested at all in something like that. I could care less in it. I don't care what the performance is, or the charge life, or even what the windshield wipers taste like. " “I’m bored with it all,” he says"? Whoopty-doo, I'm bored with electric guts in former ICE vehicles. Eventually I'll be gone, and the kids can brag about their full-scale slot cars.