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Hagerty Employee

Is mounting a camera inside your engine a good idea?

How the internals of an engine actually interact while the engine is running is something rarely seen in action. You can look at animations or a select few motorized cutaways that spin slowly, but seeing the whole system working in real time is a treat. Luckily, companies such as GoPro now make cameras compact and durable enough that you can stick a reasonably high-resolution unit just about anywhere on a car—including inside the engine.


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New Driver

I can just "see" the parts of the destroyed, disintegrating  GoPro being sucked into the engine...

New Driver

Expensive form of diagnostics.  Burn up a GoPro worth several hundred dollars.  But dude!  You need to fix that power steering fluid leak.  Cannot be good for your engine.  Like running gasoline with 2 cycle oil through a 4 cycle engine!


There are commonly available GoPro clones that are ~$40 and less, perfect for any risky assignments.