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Hagerty Employee

Is Corvette C8 buzz benefiting C7 and C6 values? | Hagerty Media

The Corvette seems to have emerged from its engine relocation surgery healthier than ever. Chevrolet sold more than 20,000 of the new, mid-engined iteration in 2020, in the face of a volatile economy, production delays, and excessive dealership markups.
Pit Crew

I'm surprised you guys passed over the first and second C7 (Limited to 500) East Coast and West Coast - "Deluxe Editions" limited to 500 Each? The east coast edition was a blue coupe with about every option available at the time - The West Coast edition was a green convertible also fully loaded. Stunning vehicles and both in additions of only 500 each.
New Driver

You forgot the 2016 C7r Z06!
Only 500 made split between yellow or black. Only 50 yellow w manual.
Pit Crew

Sure would have appreciated another C7 step down- a well optioned performance Z-51....

typo alert:

The Z07 performance package, fitted on 2028 Corvette Grand Sports and 12,376 Z06s, took already capable Corvettes

I haven't seen any 2028's...yet.
Community Manager

Changing that to 2,028 now. Thanks! 

Pit Crew

Thanks for reading, everyone! I have a few notes for my great commenters:

Rich, the Premiere Editions really are beautiful vehicles! They actually ended up producing 550 of the Lime Rock Green drop-tops for a total of 1,050 PEs in '14...
Doug, I haven't seen much movement in the C7 Stingray market, so they didn't make this list of appreciating modern Corvettes, but I'd love to do an in-depth look at their 2014-19 life cycle when the market starts to tick northward.

Msgsobe, I could never forget the C7.R Edition! Every example of that factory special rolled off the line with the Z07 package, so it is included under that umbrella, in this article.

Confucius, I guess I slipped a missing comma past my editor. Like the Z06 tally in that sentence, 2,028 is a number. Be careful with posts like that, they could be an indicator of GPS.

The way I see it the C8 has nothing to do with it. 

The C6 and 7 were the best of the most recent Frint Engine Vettes and always show good value. Also they were built in lower numbers. It is just supply and demand.

C5 models are hurt mostly because the demand dropped and there is still a larger supply of clean low mile models. 

I expect the 6 and 7 to remain higher in value just because they were the best of the last few gens and supplies are never going to get higher. 

The C8 is just a whole different game. It will remain in demand for a few years and with each update will only get better. Supplies will take a while to out strip demand. 

Pit Crew

I don't need analysis or a study because I look at used cars, and Corvettes in particular on multiple sites most days of my life. C7s are going for ten or fifteen grand more than they were a year ago, and C6s are going for a lot more too. They may have depreciated nationwide, or "on average" but not in the DMV or anywhere within 500 miles of me. There are always a few deals sprinkled in. If you look often enough you can grab one if you snatch it up the day it's offered for sale. But everything I'm interested in, Vettes, other muscle cars and trucks are all going for 10K or more than they were this time last year. Just like the houses for sale, it's definitely a sellers market. I could get a nice, low mileage C7 for 40K last year. If they're out there now they're few and far between.

U said it daren627 this last years ish in good ole Kanada the market on C 7,s is on fire ridiculous pricing hope for a cool down but not seeing it I guess borrowed money is cheap.Cheers R 

Pit Crew

I’ll stay with my C5, 50th Anniversary. It's my 4th Corvette and the change In the C6 with the headlights up and the C7 the tail light change and not the mid-engine (C8) have taken it away from the “American Sport Car” to a European look. GM is after another market of Corvette buyers. Good luck! 


Truly, it’s hard to go wrong with any C6 or C7. I personally prefer the C6 for its cleaner styling, including the last appearance of the traditional round taillights. The C7 is nice too, with a bit more of a sci-fi, boy-racer look. As an owner, the C6 ZO6 hits a particularly sweet spot for me with integrated body mods that really enhance its presence without the need for excessive, tacked-on aero bits. A 3,100 lb curb weight and 505 hp from a 7.0-liter V8 are icing on the Corvette cake. Time for a drive!
Intermediate Driver

well it's mid-July. and since April when this article was written, prices for at least the C5s I'm looking at are at record levels. Yes, there are low mileage examples which might deserve these inflated values, but there are plenty, each with the requisite "several owners from new" and moderately accumulated miles that still are right now commanding high prices.

Of course one of the main reasons is the C8 production output has been slowed by the pandemic, so demand for prior gens is high. I've been tracking several C5s and their prices are now starting to drop albeiit slowly.

I REALLY hope I don't find a bargain on a '13 427 Vette!!!!
The white , factory stripes, carbon fiber, etc..... OR in Black so I can wrap it in a limited Porsche copper color w/ black stripes.... PLEASE pray for me that I don't find this deal that I DESPERATELY DON'T need!!!!

All pre-change variations should go up in value. I understand their reasoning behind the change, but I no longer consider it a Corvette.