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Is attention to detail the car enthusiasts curse?

It’s impossible to count the number of times I have overheard someone compliment how well a door closes on a car. It’s something that’s mundane to most people and has no bearing on how well a car does its job as a mode of transportation, yet enthusiasts collectively nerd out over minute details like this. To me, that might be one of the best things about our community. It is also the downfall of my personal sanity.


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bought my grandpas 1977 Cordoba with the Corinthian Leather in 2004 with 46k on it. everything that was rubber or plastic needed replaced. including the gaskets for the engine and tranny. Excellent condition otherwise. it just sat in a garage all the time. He bought it brand new and it was the first car i ever got to steer while sitting on my grandpa's lap as a child. that land yacht is still one of my favorite possessions. just recently bought my grandpa's 1977 F150 4X4 from my grandma. it took her a couple years to part with it after his death but it is now in Texas sitting in my driveway. my grandpa was a worked good enough - no reason to put money into it - so leave it alone. it was HIS truck though and he would argue all day about how you should not be commenting on the work his truck didn't really need. we would laugh and argue and laugh again about door pins, two different wipers, a coat hanger for the antenna, mirrors that simply would not stay in place, cracked and worn gaskets on the fuel caps that left them loose and you could smell the fuel a bit. i am not the same as it pertains to my grandfathers mindset. many of these things are in the process of being 'fixed' to my liking and i am enjoying the memories of my grandpa and that truck while i am making it my own. as the months have gone by though i have come to a tough crossroads. the truck needs a full restoration. it runs like a crazy machine but still needs a tune up and such...... but suspension, paint, body work, interior and more are just worn out and need replaced. do i go all in and make it new (he would have loved to see that happen like i did when i bought the Cordoba) or do i make it road worthy and leave the rest alone. getting in the truck, it has the same smell that it did the last time i went with my grandpa in it hunting or fishing or wherever we were headed. the aftermarket tach on the top of the column always aggravated me but he thought it was cool - and now it works windshield wipers still work and are still not a pair...... and all of these little things are a reminder of him. the petina the truck has is friggin great and i get compliments on it everytime i drive it even though it is a bit on the worn side. i think that for now, beyond the 'must haves' it will stay my grandpas truck while he lets me drive it if you know what i mean. we'll see....maybe i'll have to document a full resto and submit it here for your opinions. maybe i'll just submit a couple photos. be safe out there all. sincerely - a 45 year old car nut in Texas.

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