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Is attention to detail the car enthusiasts curse?

It’s impossible to count the number of times I have overheard someone compliment how well a door closes on a car. It’s something that’s mundane to most people and has no bearing on how well a car does its job as a mode of transportation, yet enthusiasts collectively nerd out over minute details like this. To me, that might be one of the best things about our community. It is also the downfall of my personal sanity.


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What a different breed we are! I spent nearly a week making the dome light on my 1955 Plymouth restoration project function correctly. New door switches, complete disassembly and cleaning of the light itself, and the running of new wiring just to have the light come on when the door opened.  I won't even go into the hours I spent cleaning, trouble shooting and wiring on the gauges in the dash so they all functioned correctly. Most folks probably wouldn't care. My over the top attention to detail is the biggest part of the reason that it was a five year project. If it's there, it has to work!