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Hagerty Employee

Is attention to detail the car enthusiasts curse?

It’s impossible to count the number of times I have overheard someone compliment how well a door closes on a car. It’s something that’s mundane to most people and has no bearing on how well a car does its job as a mode of transportation, yet enthusiasts collectively nerd out over minute details like this. To me, that might be one of the best things about our community. It is also the downfall of my personal sanity.


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Intermediate Driver

You and I would have had a few fun afternoons in the driveway with my 99 F150 XL Reg cab!


With old cars and especially Fords of the T & A era we keep hearing how 'stuff' HAS to be in order to be absolutely original authentic ... I have sad news, I doubt there was a T or an A made that was the absolute same and if so was by sheer accident.  Some of this nonsense has gone way to far.  I drive and use my cars & trucks, bad roads or good, reliability is what I go for, the number of tacks holding upholstery means zero.


The attention to detail regarding the door pins is, not only an appearance issue but a safety issue as well. The longer the pins allow the door to sag it will become harder to latch. Turning a corner and having your door open is not just embarrassing, it's dangerous. 

Pit Crew

I searched the midwest for rust free somewhat stock Dodge Dakota R/T standard cab with the 360 V8 for summer only driving and errand's . Found one finally that at first look didn't need any mechanical work and paint was acceptable for a 17 year old vehicle (2001 model). Thought to myself "I can live with that." Well I drove it one summer and the following winter my OCD took over and I pulled everything off and prepped for a repaint.....Yes attention to detail got me again. But I'm glad I did it and enjoy the truck even more now. Not to mention the hours spent prepping and sanding and buffing that a non painter person can't appreciate. Haha!


Jeepers I guess I'm an outlier. A far away in the distance outlier. While I do put effort into aligning doors the worn pins will stay until there's no adjustment left. Mysterious rattle? I'll find it when it STOPS rattling by pulling over and picking up whatever was causing it off the road. Picky about air filters?? Not long ago I didn't notice losing an air filter cover from my hotrod on my way to work - and it HAS NO HOOD. Found it (on Rte. 95) and recovered it the next day.


In a special catagory are the restorers who are so obsessive that they deliberately duplicate the mistakes that were made by the factory, like the overspray on the inner fender panels of certain year Corvettes, or the orange peel paint on the front valance panel of some 70's Porsche models.


They are something else. I am happy those folks are out there doing what they do, but... its not for me.
New Driver

I once read about a wealthy collector of antiques who agreed to donate a historically important piece of furniture to a museum, on the condition that top-drawer craftsmen would provide him with an exact reproduction. The project hit a speed bump when an error--which had gone completely undetected over the centuries--in the construction of the original was discovered. IIRC, after much consultation, it was decided that the proper course of action in construction of the reproduction was to replicate the original error .


So car nuts aren't the only ones.

Pit Crew

G M products "over da years" seemed to have problems w  hinges... always drove me batty also!


You are absolutely right it is a curse......but ain’t it fun.  The is an old saying in the hot rod world that “they are really never done”  and it is so true.  My 57 Vette is a classic example , right now it is sitting in my garage with the perfectly fitting hood off so I can detail the engine.  It’s a sickness.

New Driver

Just a reminder that some guys drink, some guys gamble, some guys chase women...

Advanced Driver

I bought a '90 IROC-Z convertible in 1996.  I was in Atlanta, and the car's owner had just moved in from New York.  Too much daily-driver dirt for me, and I set about to do a detail job.  Long story short, the task included 8 hours under the hood with a toothbrush.  The nice thing was - once done properly, it was easier to keep it that way.  It looked so nice in that Bright Blue Metallic, I ended up taking it to local car shows, and all the work paid off with several trophies.